Cream Puff Pot Pie

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Ok. First Entry. Welcome to the blog, right? For someone like me who gets so much pleasure out of cooking (and eating) this is a natural. And since I usually can't keep my excitement to myself about things in my little world, here I am. If you are willing to try making a recipe you read about, including it’s trials and tribulations, this is a match made in heaven.

Yesterday I got to prepare a(nother) new dinner. I like to try things that are completely new. I can usually tell what a dish will taste like once I've read the recipe. I have seen this ability explained by the pros. I guess have it, so I am not taking a big risk serving something to others that I have never tried myself. In fact, doing just that makes the end result all the more interesting for me, as well as the guests!
So back to yesterday. I found a recipe to use up some cooked turkey. I had roasted a 7.5lb breast a few days back and the carcass was ripe for the picking. (Another day or two and ripe would progress to rank…) The recipe was for a pot-pie style dish, only using classic cream puff batter instead of pastry. I don’t do pastry very well, I admit it. But my mother often made cream puffs for company and I could never get enough of them. Sweet or savory. So this recipe really got my interest. The final result was superb. But what tickled me the most while putting it together was the fact that I used just about every food prep and cooking technique I know. All in one dish. Although none of it was difficult, mise en place really made a difference in the outcome.

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