The cream puff pot pie experience

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Entry 3:
Let’s hear about the pot pie.
The final results…yummy

The actual recipe is a simple concept. Use leftover diced turkey, mix it up with some sautéed veggies, make a cream sauce, and put it in the middle of a pastry-lined pie plate. But what differed here was that the pastry was not your usual pate brisee or choux or even the stuff you get in the freezer or refrigerated section of the grocery store. It is a cream puff pastry. And there is no top.
I had not tried this in years, but, as I said before, my Mother made it often for company & I devoured it, whether it had custard or crab inside, sweet or savory. So it was a little challenge, or test, for me to see if I could do it. You make it while the filling sits waiting, so you could actually make the filling at any time and bring it out when you are ready to put the final product together. I also see that you could use anything, really, in place of the turkey, other meats, seafood (shrimp or LOBSTER!), or even pump up the veggies and omit meat altogether.
Water & butter, basically, are melted in a heavy saucepan. Then you add flour, stir tons, off the heat, with a wooden spoon, then add eggs, 1 at a time, stirring madly in between, and by the time your arm aches alot, it's done. You press it into the piepan, but push it out to the sides, making a blank space in the middle. This is where your warm filling goes. Shove it in the oven, and watch the puffing! You have to make slits in the sides at the end of baking for the steam to escape, keep it in the oven a bit longer, or it will fall at the table.
I found it yummy, child was entertained by its appearance, and "I don't like puffy egg things" guy was slicing off bits and eating them when I wasn’t looking. So it was a hit and I'll make it again. I will try all veggie in the spring - fresh peas, spring onion & baby carrots- and most definitely something with seafood. Salmon perhaps if not shellfish.
BTW the kitten was all over my feet & crying for this when I was at the counter making the cream sauce. I suppose she smelled the turkey, the other fat cats have taught her all about poultry. I'll try to post my first photo of her "reviewing" a recipe on the computer.

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bh said:

nice cat, what's the face look like? do you have more pics of it?

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