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A friend stopped by to chat about some website-related things going on where she works. Got alot of tips while she was here for things she thinks her email program can do (it can) and how to do it right (she can). She even took notes. But when she was looking at the new kitchen, she commented that she has the same oven. I told her how much I dislke that fact that it never looks clean, and that the cleanser they tell you to use is no better than warn soapy water and lots of elbow grease. She says "razorblades." "Really?" I replied. Who knew? Is it in the usermanual? look here to see.

Personally, I feel that if I have to get out a lethal weapon to clean up my stovetop every time I use it (which is daily) I have got a problem. Does anybody have a better idea? I know they are selling a ton of these glass cooktops. They cook really well, but look lousy afterward. Help.

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