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The crockpot mac 'n cheese recipe really is the best. I used a 4cheese blend (Mexican style) which was onhand for Taco night. I think it's much more forgiving in terms of which cheeses you can use as compared to the classic method. And there's no worry about that grainy-floury texture you sometimes get if the white sauce won't absorb all the milkfat from the cheeses, or you mess up the butter-to-flour ratio, or turn your head away for a moment and that's the moment the roux gets too dark. This is much less scientific. Sometimes my brain needs a night off, although I still want to cook every day. Leftovers were devoured at lunchtime today.

Going for a Pierre Franey Pork Medallion recipe at dinner, I hope the weather lets me get the grill out. They should cook up in just a few minutes. Now I must find something to do with broccoli, and all the leftover sides from the tacos: chopped tomato, black olive, shredded romaine, diced red pepper, sliced scallion. I am searching the 4000+ handcreated recipe database I have. I'll start with broccoli, under veggie sides. There's about 30 I have saved there so far. None of those include the cold salads, like marinated veggie plates, or green salads either. So I'll do a search in that veggie sides folder using some of the keywords, looking in the text files, not the filename, and using my ingredient list. If there's any good ideas out there, bring em on!



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