really tasty medallions

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The pork medallions were so very tasty. And yes, the grill came out to play willingly. (Heck, it was 60 degrees yesterday, but right now it's snowing.)

After slicing the pork tenderloin, my favorite cut, about 3/4" thick, I pounded them to about 1/4" thickness. They got thown in to a bowl that was 1/4 filled with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, rosemary, smashed garlic. Then they sat while I prepped the veggies, started the rice, waited for the grill to heat up. The pork cooked up pretty fast, and they made delicious tidbitds for a late morning snack the next day.

The furnace man came last week and did his cleaning thing. In the mail yesterday was a suspicious-looking letter form the company. Thankfully, the amount due column showed a big fat ZERO. But I was anxuios for a moment. He said we were running at 81%. I guess that's good for a 10 year old system. Not that it's been on very much this year. We have hardly been able to enjoy the new woodstove. If it's over 25 degrees outside, the heat from the stove blasts us out of the rooms. But colder than that, it's a joy to have, and extremely efficient. The kitties like it too. I'm still waiting for the smell of singed whiskers from Hobo. I'm not sure she's all that bright when her curiosity takes over...

Here's a photo of her getting into the printer. She comes running whenever she hears it going. It really fascinates does it DO that.JPG



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