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Entry 4
Salmon bought for last night being prepared & served tonight (nobody was here to eat it but me, I don’t cook for me).
Roast fillet (lemon juice, s&p only) with a stir fry (no big saucing efforts go with it, I am curious to see how this comes together). Oh yes, winter is back, what were we thinking? And rain, and wind, and...hail?
Salmon was very tender, Berry Farm organic has not let us down yet, but I found the stir fry to be strong. I reheated the last couple nights’ veggies (fresh green beans, froz pea/carrot mix) for the crowd, fearing they would balk at the stir fry. Everybody ate the green salad this time with fresh balsamic herb vinaigrette. Go figure. I put out a fresh green salad 4x week & it sits untouched 3 of those nights.
I think the problem with the stir fry was my adding to the written recipe with ½ a sliced watermelon radish that’s been around for a while. It lent a funky flavor, albeit GORGEOUS color, to the whole. I’m beginning to prefer the salmon roasted in the oven, when I can’t get through the snow to the grill, rather than cooked in the skillet. And that’s because the grease on the cooktop plus the fumes that linger all through the house are not that appealing the next morning. Don't get me wrong, I adore all kinds of fish & seafood. But even with the new exhaust fan over the new cooktop, there’s still an odor. And I am really aggravated by the difficulty getting the tempered glass cooktop clean and keeping it that way. I love how it cooks, hate how it looks.

Ps. guy coming to “service the furnace” today. Yeah, right.

Next: glass cleaner & razorblades?


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