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Well, I think a few photos are in order. This is the location of our houseguest. It's behind he cabinet door next to the window.the cupboard housing the mouse.jpg

When illustrious husband came home, after having a Birthday dinner with an old friend, we directed his attention to the cupboard housing the mouse. Mind you, I had gone out and purchased a trap to get the creature out of my food. The trap was in place, and the mouse had been wandering near it for quite a few hours. Dumb mouse. Here's a photo of the little fellow. the mouse in our house.jpg

What I did next was even dumber. I thought the MAN of the house would like to see the mouse of the house. He did. But that was not enough. He decided he might want to catch it and so he tried. Well, within about 5 seconds the poor thing hurtled out of the cupboard onto the kitchen floor. This was not a good idea. Waiting on the kitchen floor were three cats. Here's a photo of what happened next.Tiggr's gonna get you.JPG

In the past, Tiggr, a huge tomcat with 24 claws, has brought us many nice gifts as a token of his love. Usually bird beaks, squirrel feet, garter snake heads and mouse tails. He has even spent days in the basement, which is typically his refuge, stalking a family of mice we had down there one very cold winter a few years back. Each morning we would find the "gift of the day" at the top of the stairs. Tiggr is very generous. And proud.

But in his later years (he's about 7), Tiggr has become fat and lazy. The man of the house is happily responsible for that. Cat feeding time has evolved into an embarrasment, in my opinion, as they orgy on cat food, dancing and singing in the kitchen like a ship of fools. Maybe I'll post a photo soon as proof. Yes, dancing AND singing.

I once was able to catch Tiggr and a mouse, together, and put them both out. Tiggr had the creature in his mouth. Last night, Tiggr got ahold of the mouse 3 times. There were drops of drool where he was crouched with the wriggling mouse in his teeth. But he dropped his prey before I could grab him. The responsible adult stood watching in surprise as the mouse he foolishly released into my household scurried down the steampipe into the basement. He said, "It couldn't have gone through that space, it's barely a half inch wide between the pipe and the floor." Well, with Tiggr baring down on it, the 2 other cats as backup, a screaming female tween standing on the dining room table, and 2 adults trying to cordon off the doorways, the mouse had no other choice but to slide down the pipe in to the dark quiet space below.

Tiggr was immediatly banished to the basemenmt to finish the job. I should have sent someone else down there with him... Tune in again to find out how much of my basement pantry supplies I have to throw out next.



Kristy said:

Yes, but look at your floors--LOVE that inlay! What great detail.

Okay, back on message. Yes, the only time our cats show any cooperation is when they are working on a bug or a rodent. Once, two of the cats were having a confab over something in my bedroom--not a good sign. As I got closer I realized they had brought in a snake--a LIVE snake--and dropped it on the floor there. YUCK!!!!

Carol said:

Yes, very nice floor, covered in frightened mouse poop... Not only did I have to clean out the kitchen shelves, but "Handsome Husband" had now effectively delivered fresh mouse poop on the kitchen and dining room floors, as well. Shoulda' made him clean it up!

Our longest-living alpha female, a tabby named Kitty, (23 years) once brought a live mouse into the bedroom during the night. We heard her murmuring (because a mouse was stuffed in her mouth) and thought she needed encouragement to jump up on the bad and curl up with us. What a mistake that was! She ably followed our dirction, and within a split second EVERYBODY was on the floor, howling, screeching and scrambling about. That mouse disappeared just as fast as last night's escapee. I hope to get more photos as the story unfolds.

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