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The Daily Kitten (dot com) posted Hobo the Kitten, our new baby, as yesterday's poster child. We sent that image in about 8 weeks ago. It is the first photo taken of her on her first morning here. She was very dehydrated and frightened. I am thrilled with the comments on the website, the pic got over 45, and it's a real nice surprise to see that cat lovers on the net are able to read our kitty's personality from one photo. Here's the shot we sent. She is all ears and white whiskers, eyebrows.Hobos1st.jpg

Next Monday she goes in for her spay at the vet. I will have nightmares that night, for sure, as would any loving mother. She's young, she'll forget, and the medical care is good (goodness knows we'll pay enough for it!!!) I'll post a pic today, she was napping and knew I was about to release the shutter before I did.

what do you want.JPG



Kristy said:

Wow, that's quite a contrast between her before and after picture. It's amazing what a little TLC can do. I got my most recent cat (named "Dog") from a strip mall parking lot where someone had abandoned him. I had to use a humane trap, since he wouldn't let anyone touch him. He's large and in charge now though.

Carol said:

Hobo still seems very tiny compared to the other big boys in the house. But we like 'em fat! There's much Siamese in her, so she will probably stay long & lean. I am waiting to hear if her still tiny little squeaky "mwah" changes to the classic throaty whine of Saim. Carol

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