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Mouse report: no live visions, just droppings, so far. They have, quite literally, taken the bait. It's all gone. We found teal green poop around the bait station the last 3 days. None today, however, so maybe they (however many of them) have gone back to whence they came to pass on. I chose poison this time becasue I was not up to the blood and guts of snap traps. We have had some bad scenes with them. Either way, we find the mice to be rather stupid. Like dumb bunnies. We have them, too.

I'lll post a photo of the bunnies when they were about 2 months old. Husband calls them "the forgotten bunnies" because the kitten has mesmerized the tween and she no longer cares about the bunnies. I like them because they eat my carrot tops. I always hated throwing those things away.babyPair.JPG



"the tween" said:

okay i have not forgotten the bunnies see im remembering them right know and i think 'bout them every day!!!

netty love said:

its a such cute little bunny

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