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The mouse won't work. It's optical, and wireless. As if those were enough of an excuse... But it must be cajoled into action at every boot. Sometimes it loads it's .exe into the system tray, sometimes not. Most times we have to wiggle the plug on the back of the cpu. Plug and play would play it's little be-boop - bo-beep. Then, if we're lucky, a reboot gets it moving again. It would not be as much of a problem as an annoyance if we had reliable backup mice.

You see, the problem can all be blamed on cats. Really furry ones. You know, the type that have what the "professionals" call cotton-candy fur. We have some of those. And no matter what you do to avoid it, their invisible strands of fur get into everything. Which brings us back to mice. Computer ones. (The other genre will be another entry.)

I have three old-style roller or trackball mice. And I used to employ them for six-month engagements. After that amount of exposure to the flying fur they would begin to, how shall I say it? clog up. So I regularly openend up the mouse to clean it out. Just picture my workstation, with tweezers permanently ensconced next to the pencilcup. I would pick, scrape, blow and beg. But after six months the old mouse was shot. I actually think it was tired. So I would plug in the standby mouse. It would work pretty well, in fact we could forget about mice for a while and actutally get to the business of working with the computer.

Have you ever tried to use a mouse that won't move south? You can pick it up, bang it on the desk, shake it back and forth, but to no avail. You need to go down the page and it refuses to bring you there. Well, that's what happens when the fur gets into it. Tiny, long, transparent strands of cat hair wrap themselves around the scroll bars inside the mouse. I know this because I have comepletely dissassembled a mouse to find out for myself. You can't hardly see them, but they are there, doing their dangerous work of keeping the user form going to the bottom of a webpage or document. I can grasp blindly at the ends of the plastic bars inside the mouse and pull them out. Put it back together and voila', it works.

Now the optical wireless mouse won me over because it promised to bring the fur problems to an end. And it did, for about six months. There is no place for cottoncandy cat hair to get twisted up and wrapped around. So why won't this modern marvel do it's duty? I'll tell you more next time. For now I'll post a photo of one of the the culprits.

fur babu.JPG



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