snowed out?

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For Valentine's celebrating, we always go out to a special restaurant. Many times it's someplace new. This is the case tonight. With the snowstorm approaching, we are heading out into it's path. To Litchfield County, Ct. They say it's snobby, they say it's very good. They say you can see & be seen. While that part's at the bottom of my list, I'm also not too keen on the snobby part. Very good food is what has my interst. Plus, if we get snowed in, (or out-of-town, if you will) we will have to find someplace to spend the night. Considering the location, that might be as much fun as the meal itself!

The West Street Grill is the destination. As of right now, says 4-8 inches of snow. Radar shows the first band of precip moving more east than northeast, over Philly at the moment. Who knows what we'll get, but I expect a very good meal and some romantic surprises as well. What's more romantic than being snowed in on Valentie's weekend after a special dinner with your sweetie?


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