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You know how they say that you habituate an activity if you do it for about 3 weeks continuously? Like, if you get up and put on your walking shoes every day for 3 weeks, (presumably to go for a walk) it'll become a (therefore healthy) habit. Or if you STOP going to the cupboard (looking for junk food) every day, all the time, for about 3 weeks, you'll break the (very unhealthy) habit. Well, I was hoping that I had blogged often enough that I had habituated the practice. Not so. I got my head filled up with my two other new jobs, plus all the other stuff at home that keeps me on my feet, and blogging completely went away. The blog has left the building. Gone. Buh-bye.

I was more than a little surprised. I felt bad. (Well only an itsy bit. Remember I am free from guilt?) Mostly just surprised. I thought there would be a time when blogging would be just another thing added to my daily life that I did not have to think about, Just Do It, as Nike sez. So now I have to put it back into my active brain. Not a safe place to be. It's really busy in there, and I don't like messing with it more than neccessary. I am scared that my touch-typing speed will drop and I'll get lower scores on the IQ test I take every month. (Monitoring the death of brain cells & closed synapses...)

I will again call into play my faith, and see what unfolds "in the fullness of time" as my Master tells me. Nice way with words. I hope it pays off.



Kristy said:

Do not serve the blog. The blog should serve you. (Insert on fortune cookie, if possible). If you're not feeling that your relationship with the blog is working out that way, you'll start to feel enslaved. Been there. I took some time off and feel better about the whole thing now, but I'll dump it again if it becomes a problem. Life is too short!

Carol said:

OMG, that is better than my "Free yourself from guilt" line! I feel like you're big sister. Thanks. whew. Big load off.

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