barking mad

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I really think that some people are barking mad. I mean absolutely bonkers. This morning, while watering the bunnies, (Yes, the bunnies that belong to the tween, not me...) I noticed Tiggr, the tomcat, rolling in the yard. He usually reserves this activity for the dusty gravelly driveway, and only does it in the hot sunshine about 3 seconds before he runs in the house. (That way he can better spread the dirt inside!)

Well this morning he was rolling on his back in the grub-infested yard the skunks have turned into a patchwork of brown and green. I stopped to call to him and he looked my way, tossed something with both arms, then leapt in the air. Mr. Tiggr got himself a mouse (finally!!!) Just like a dog, Tiggr rolled around and around on that half-dead mouse. He flipped it into the air, bobbled it with those huge 7-clawed paws, and rolled on it again. But I have to tell you that dogs don't bother Tiggr much. I think the extra weapons have alot to do with it. He's pretty intimidating. Which brings me to the mad barking. As I was lovingly gazing upon my overweight yet fierce housecat and his instinctual predatory dance with the half dead mouse I heard barking. Only it was not canine barking, it was human barking. Then I heard a laugh and some footsteps. I could see through the stockade fence that a dad and son (whom I know pretty well) were walking to school. The schoolyard abuts our property, hence the stockade fence.

Now Tiggr paid the barking man no never mind. Either because, as I said, Tiggr never pays much attention to dogs, or more likely because the guy sounded like a human, not a dog. The guy was laughing, and smiling, but he didn't see me watching the whole thing. Here's where I'm having trouble: What kind of father-son game was this? Teaching your 12 year old that a 200 pound man can frighten a 15 pound cat by barking at it is a lesson I can't quite wrap my brain around. And if he wasn't trying to scare Tiggr, then exactly what was his plan? To exemplify insanity? Yep, they're barking mad around here. I will wait with baited breath for the next time I bump into this guy in town. I have a great question for him, and will enjoy watching the color rise in his cheeks as he tries to explain himself. I hope he's with his son. We both need to get a grip on this one.



Kristy said:

I bark at my cat all the time. Of course, my cat is named "Dog," so it makes some sense on a certain level. Anyway, at least he doesn't seem to mind.

Carol said:

Was it the cartoonist Boynton that did the one where the people speak to their pets and all the pets hear is "blah blah blah Spot blah blah blah Spot..."?

Kristy said:

That was a Gary Larson Far Side Cartoon! "What Dogs Hear: Blah, blah, blah, Ginger. Blah, blah, blah" --That's one of my favorites!

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