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During the "cat and mouse" style waiting game I will put up some cat photos so you can get to know the whole gang. First is Tiggr. He's a stray that sat in the cellarway of the abandoned house next door for 6 months, just staring at us. Then one day it was as if someone flipped a switch. He started talking back at us, came over to eat, and he's been here ever since. He is a very large tom with 24 claws. Tiggr's quite strong, but Bob is fattening him up pretty well, so he's getting lazy, just the way we like 'em. In this photo he has his forearms stuffed into Bob's slipper. I don't get it, but hey, I'm neither male nor feline.

nice Tiggr.JPG

Here's a shot of Hobo that really intrigues me, when the sun shone through her ears, the capillaries were visible. cool.

sunlight looking EARS.jpg

And I guess we need another one of Babu, the 17 year old rag doll. He's the oldest member of the clan and very sweet. He begs like a dog and eats a huge variety of human food. Here he's eating capellini.

capellini babu.JPG


Such nice pictures of your "babies"! Your Tigger looks very much like my KiKi ('cept shes a she) and I really like the picture of Hobo. She was on the "Daily Kitten" website, wasn't she? I think that's where I came up with your blog site. Babu is also a cutie...when I was growing up, we had a cat, Calli, that was a huge calico and her favorite foods were spaghetti sauce and cantelope! Especially the cantelope! She would come and sit by your chair in the kitchen and just let out howls until you got up and got her some!

Pam, your story made me smile! Babu likes melon also. In fact, most people are surprised about his food interests. Pears, peas & carrots, asparagus (the whole stalk if it's tender enough...) He eats all fish, poultry,...we have video of the best: he eats corn ON the cob. I would love to get the nerve to send it to that tv show. I am worried that they'd make some stupid joke of it, mocking us or something. We are exposing Hobo to vegetables and so far she likes peas the best.

I have never had a calico, but I think their fur is the smoothest, coolest, softest ever. They all seem to have such mellow temperments. We try to travel and stay places where there's a housecat, which we promptly keep in our room whenever possible. I guess we're cat suckers! Thanks so much for reading & commenting.

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They must be related.

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