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No, no no. No trapping, killing, catching going on whatsoever. We are feeding, no, more like hosting the mice now, and they seem to be happy & here to stay. The small one in the cupboard this week just sits there, looking at me. If and when I am brave enough to turn the lazy susan that protects him, he crouches and ever so slowly scampers around it, almost mocking me, I think. Perhaps he (possibly she) does it just to humor me. So I believe it's still in control. Unfortunately, since all the poison bait has been eaten, I fear the visible mice are deathly sick. I don't care for what that implies for my kitchen surfaces, not to mention the cats, God forbid they should get ahold of one.

Man of the house was shown the little bugger tonight. (Does this sound familiar or am I hallucinating? if so, I wish I could remember the liquor or other spirit I imbibed so I can invoke it again sometime...soon) Well, I did manage to get the camera fired up, but the photos would have been repeats of the last session: The MAN at the helm, prodding instrument in one hand (BBQ skewer), plastic grocery bag in the other (he's GOT to be kidding? I would NEVER try to confine an impulsive little itsch like that in such a flimsy locker!!!) and kid, wife, 3 cats holding up the rear. He actually made 4 attempts this evening at removing the rodent. Each one began with the same chant: "OK, this is it.". Besides getting the humans and cats all stirred into preparedness, no other results were produced. Then finally, when dinner was cold once again (all hail the microwave...) He actually got the bugger inside the flimsy grocery bag. I bet you can guess what happened next. One hint...replay the first night I made the mistake of dragging him into this drama: the mouse hurled itself into the shopping bag, and did it so fast neither human nor machine could have cinched the top of the bag, so the creature clambered right back out. Next step for the mouse? Into the dining room (review the dining room photo with Tiggr at brother mouse's heels...) and immediately down the exact same steam pipe into the basement.

I threw my hands into the air, served myself another glass of wine, and left the room. Shheesh! I bet they're having one helluva family renunion down there.



Kristy said:

The man is clearly not part of the solution. Time to call in the pros?

Carol said:

I finally got one mouse in the snap trap early this morning Kristy. It's kinda' like a letdown. I think I was enjoying the challenge. Now we'll find out how many there really are.

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