Ouch, My Head Aches

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My head is full to overflowing with definitions and 'splinations of more stuff than I imagined could be shoved in there! xhtml what? Mt who? Tag you're it? I have faith that it will come together, but right now I feel like the Kindergarteners looked on the way home from their first day: overwhelmed.

I have faith in my brain, and even more in my instructor. And, at 45, I beleive in my ability to have patience. I WILL be building webpages. I just have to take the first steps and then, as Simon Cowell says on American Idol: "Well, then, off you go..."



Kristy said:

What are you talking about? You are building web pages!

Carol said:

Hi Kristy, as you see, we added your link yesterday. I am being taught HTML: we modified the code for that part of my MT blog layout, & put your link inbetween the whatchmacallits. There was no section for blogroll in any template. Master feels it's a better method. Master is wise. We have our first client together and I have alot to learn. I am going to start referring to myself as Grasshopper.

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