hematoma, hamstring & city ham

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To prepare for Easter, I had three tasks on the top of my list: put in the window screens, order shoes to match my Easter dress, and order the Easter ham. Well, putting in the screens was not so hard. But it did become painful. In our 145 year old little Colonial house, the windows are original drip-glass. There are very ugly aluminum storm windows outside the wooden sashes. To put in the screens, up goes the window, up goes the lower storm sash, in goes the screen, click-click and you're done. Painless, right? Well not always.

The Tween's bed has been arranged yet again into another impossible-to-make-the-bed configuration. How she manages it in an 8x8 room is beyond me. I have come to the conclusion that the goal is not to rearrange for aesthetics, only to produce the result that she cannot make the bed. Ever. So back tot he window. I had to be ON the bed to open the window and try to put in the screen. Only her window has a broken weight, or metal strap that keeps the window open, or in whatever position you choose. We wedge a broom handle in there to open it all the way, and a book gets employed for partially-open configurations. So I hoist up the window, plop in the handle, and begin to slide the clasps inwards on the very bottom of the lower storm. Suddenly the broomstick fell out and the window slammed down on my left wrist, right between the base of my thumb and my watchband. Yeouch! The hematoma was immediate. I have never seen one so large on such a bony bodypart. The odd thing was that it did not hurt too much. I immediatlry removed my watch and iced the wrist. Husband comes home soon after and whines about the threat of spending all night in the emergency room. I took a pass on that trip, and kept up ice and short breaks while trying to get dinner started. (A wee dram o' single malt helped, too.) So far, it's very colorful, winding it's purple way around my entire wrist, into the fingers and towards my thumb. Can't wait for the green and yellow to show up. But I still don't think it's broken.

That same day the ham arrived. No surprise that I couldn't lift it into the refrigerator... But it's the best ever, from Burger's Smokehouse in California Missouri. I should go on the payroll as a spokesperson, I love this stuff so much. We were gifted a ham in December, and it was love at first bite. Just like the kind Mom used to serve on New Year's Day, and she went all out for that meal, every year. Ham, creamed potatoes, tomato aspic, asparagus, and cold duck. Did you know that sparkling burgundies (or red wines) are back? I find the new ones much more flavorful and sophisticated than the stuff Mom popped the cork on. But the menu never changed. So I ordered a whole semi-boneless spiral sliced city ham from Burger's. I recieved the two halves, brought one to the relatives for dinner, and have one to cook up tonight. YUM!

The other important item ordered for Eater was the shoes. Always a new pair. These are Cynthia Rowley, over 200 bucks, but only 30 dollars from Zappos.com. Another great website I should get paid for talking about. And shoes of that quality are not your usual "two hour shoes", that put your feet in agony by the end of the first two hours you wear them. I wore these all day, from church right through dessert, 12 hours, and on bare feet. But I think that, even though the heels are only barely 2 inches, I pulled a hamstring. I have not been wearing heels much at all. All those lonely pumps in the closet have forgotten me. Or I've forgotten them. But these new Easter shoes were comfortable enough, not to mention pretty and a perfect match to my outfit, that I kept them on all day. Now I think I'm paying for it. Pulled hamstring berhind the right knee. I walked it out twice today, stretched often, and it feels better, but I tell ya' it's been a rough weekend!



Kristy said:

Mmmm....ham....! Sounds wonderful. The wrist, however--could do without all that, right? Right!

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