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The master showed me his budding asparagus plot a few days ago. I could hardly hold myself back from snapping off a tender little stalk and eating it right there on the spot. The dogs would have been pretty excited to see me in their daddy's dirt! I hope he didn't notice my drooling...That experience should have prodded me into digging the garden bed at home for my own asparagus. It was scheduled to arrive very soon from Burpee. I have coveted home-grown asparagus for a very long time. This January, I finally decided to order it.

I bet you can guess what happened next...the box from Burpee came yesterday and I have not turned a single spadeful of dirt! Now I have to go out in the drizzle to see if I can prepare a half-a$$ed place to plant it! What a looser. I have had plenty of time to get this ready, in fact, I should have done it in the fall so the proper fertalizers and ph adjustments could have been made. No, not me, I garden by luck and luck alone.

So in a few minutes I am going to put on my digging clothes, to ruin my Easter manicure, and see if I can make some sort of home to plant the rootstock. Martha Washington deserves better than this.


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