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Freihofer Runner coming to town

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For the second year in a row I have organized an assembly at one of our school campuses for runners. I used to run, my hubby runs, and my daughter runs now.

(Here's a photo of Miss B coming in second in the 200m dash at a meet in Averill Park last June.

APJune200m.jpg She's in lane 8)

As a family, we volunteer at the Freihofer Run for Women every year. (I last ran there when the tween was 7 months old, and I ran it the year before while pregnant with her.) We like to work at the water tables in Washington Park at the final mile mark where the 3500-plus field of runners grabs a cup and usually spills, spits or otherwise splashes you with most of it. It's fun! One of the major perks of volunteering the event, besides being able to mingle with a healthy running crowd, is the after-event party. It's for the volunteers, but the elite athletes are invited, and all of the race directors and event managers go to relax, give each other a round of applause, and watch the race video for the first time. The film has been professionaly produced during the 6 hours since the race ended, and is the official version boradcast widely by ESPN during the month of June. You get to see it for the first time, alongside the winners, and in my case, those who finish 15 minutes after the winners. There's also a spread of cold drinks and food, including a gigantic bowl of shrimp, and tons of Freihofer chocolate chip cookies, I must add...

Two years ago, while my young runner was getting winner Marla Runyan's autograph, I heard about the visitation program the elite runners are contractually obligated to participate in. I happened to be sitting next to the program's director, Sandra Morley. I left Albany that evening thinking how great it would be to get one of these women to come to Chatham the following June to inspire our students. Well, the end of the story is now obvious, I got it all arranged, and last year, Nicole Aishe, who finished 9th, I think, came to the Middle School. This Friday, June the 2nd, we have Nicole Kulikov Hagobian scheduled to address the Middle School and invited guests. Here's a copy of the little "press release" I sent around to our local coaches and school administrators. I see that they have sent it on to the local papers. I will also include a link to the event itself.


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While the tween was away with her entire class of 100 up in rainy Lake George, I moved her into a larger bedroom at home. She has been begging us to get her out of her 8x8' cubicle for about 2 years now. It's only natural, when you live in an old small house, that the rooms are small, but the children tend keep growing! Their "stuff" gets bigger right along with them, and then you need bigger places to stash their bigger stuff. Good thing humans reach a maximum height right about the time they tromp off to College. (Too bad there aren't weight limits...)

separation anxiety

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Today we scurried around town filling the list of requirements for the 5th grader's trip to "Nature's Classroom". Da ta da DA! I am not ready. She is. It will be a difficult week. There is a surpsrise in store that I cannot disclose because the tween ofttimes reads this blog. So after the bus pulls out Monday morning, I'll be back with an update. Five days, four nights, on Lake George in the Adirondacks. 100 kids. Look Out! The teachers who chaperone this must be saints. Or smuggling dope...