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While the tween was away with her entire class of 100 up in rainy Lake George, I moved her into a larger bedroom at home. She has been begging us to get her out of her 8x8' cubicle for about 2 years now. It's only natural, when you live in an old small house, that the rooms are small, but the children tend keep growing! Their "stuff" gets bigger right along with them, and then you need bigger places to stash their bigger stuff. Good thing humans reach a maximum height right about the time they tromp off to College. (Too bad there aren't weight limits...)


I'm sure she was thrilled! Did the room get a bit of a make-over in the process?

The original plan was just one good idea: empty the room, yank up the 30-year-old puke colored carpet, tear down the 40-year-old urine colored wallpaper, and start over. Unfortunately this plan had a fatal flaw: it required two adults to put it into action, and adult number one (only number one due to size, and age, and income...) was not allowed to take the week off, as previously scheduled. {CSX SUX. It's a website & its' true.} So we resorted to plan number two: a brand new bed, mattress, linens, and fluff. I really do mean fluff...white maribou feathers, purple cheatah spots, lime furry thow, fuschia satin paisley, rose netting canopy. WILD. She cried when she entered the room. I was already crying upon our reunion, so it was not a far stretch for her to join me. I'll post some pics. There's more to getting the plan finished, too.

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