art or just a free glass of cheap wine?

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My first website design (not really mine, but I learned a whole lot about how it's done) was for Park Row Gallery. Tonight the owner of the frame shop, Jeff Risley, is having an opening for his 20 year anniversary entitled 20/20. My webdesign mentor has a few pieces in the show. So I will be polishing up my fancy shoes and walking up the street in a little while to check out the scene. Last time I was there and was introduced to one of the artisits, or friend of an artist, I was labeled the "Web Mistress" of the shop. The men who were doing the talking snickered, and then I fell silent, praying for someone else to walk in the door, or the phone to ring, or a painting to fall off the wall. These pregnant pauses in the mans world of computers have been hard for me to handle, for, as anyone who knows me is aware, I can't usually keep my mouth shut. However, the computer field is dominated by men, and as much as I love it, I am compelled to shut up most of the time. I think it's a good idea. Which brings me to the cheap wine. Add a couple ounces of vino at an art show and I bet I'll have a really hard time keeping the liplock on. Wish me luck....and no mistress jokes!


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