spring garden photos

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There are some tasty things sprouting in my spring garden this year. Asparagus (this first ever stalk was about as thin as string licorice! I ate it anyway!)

in_ dandelion's_shadow.JPG

Norwegian fingerling potatoes, sweet potatoes, rainbow carrots, Jefferson's lima beans are just a few.

If I ever get finished weeding the veggie bed


we'll have some fine bell peppers & lettuces, too.

Notice the tiny brown mushrooms behind the early garlic? They popped up where the rabbit-keeper errantly decided to drop some rabbit droppings when cleaning out the cage in the late fall. I wouldn't want to cook with these..


Spring sun, what little we had, also brought out some of my favorite flowering plants: The trillium was probably hauled up from the pond by the previous owners of the property, although I can hardly imagine them taking such a risk... I like it best when ithe tips begin to turn shades of pink to lavender.


and this unusual purple lilly of the valley. We have the white kind all over, but this one lingers at the rear of the veggie bed.


We planted this variety of smoke treee the first year we lived here. I can't wait to see how it twists and turns, but I'll have to.

smoke_tree.JPGIn the fall it's leaves show all shades of oranges through deep purple. Beauty.

These violets fill in under the hosta which edge the front path.

violet_edging.JPGMy brother used to give his highschool sweetie bouquets of them, a' la Professor Higgins & Liza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. They played the leads in that musical in high school.

This ajuga is way out back


but something I borrowed from a neighbor. I like it's tidiness and early color.

And this hosta, shown here when it was just straightening up,

giant_hosta_early.JPGare now absoutely enourmous. Anybody want divisions?



Kristy said:

Gosh, I wish I could get divisions--beautiful!

(yes, this is still me--just a new domain name)

Carol said:

Well, Kristy, when we next fly out to Seattle, if I can, I'll try to stuff some rootstock in one of my bags. Hosta (I have 10 kinds) do very well in my tiny yard, because they require no care, I just have to hack them in quarters every few years. What's up with the domain change?

John said:

I want some too!

Carol said:

John, you can come by anytine with a good sharp knife and take what you will. The monster hostas (glue-green puckery & lime-green) are in real need of division this year. They are the newest additions, and about 4 years old.

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