cat & glove?

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Tiggr takes beanie babies. This scoundrel takes gloves. He is pretty bad to have made it on the Toledo news (he lives downstate NY!!).

Our Tiggr better not get wind of it or he might turn the heat up on his nightly prowling through our house. We often wake up to find a dozen of his "babies" piled at the bottom of the stairs. He goes into the tween's room to rescue them, or maybe they are his virtual midnight snacks. Somtimes there are a few socks in the pile, and he has begun teaching Hobo his trick, too. I found her arriving at the bottom of the stairs with a full sheet of paper in her mouth the other evening. She had snatched it from the desk, where it had been folded in half. Man, these creatures can be puzzling. But we love them just the same. I just entered Hobo's best kitten photo in the kittenwar website. Wish her luck.


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