fruit that flies has no wings

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Every year they return. Every year I have them "done in". And every year I publish the secret recipe so you can take charge of your kitchen fruit, too. I'm talking about fruit flies. I have heard some pretty amazing things about these tiny little buggers, but I don't really care. I just want them gone. So here's what I do, and it works. Fill a small shallow dish (1/2 cup maybe) with about 1 tablespoon red wine or plain vinegar. If using vinegar, I add a big pinch brown sugar. Add one drop dishwashing detergent. Swirl to blend and set it out someplace where you won't forget it. A windowsill near the peaches is good. You should see results within hours, or the next morning. The flies go in for a drink and get stuck because the soap coats their wings, or drowns them, or something like that. We caught hundreds last week at the Moose. I used white vinegar, brown sugar, and oxy type dish detergent. I set out 4 bowls. They preferred one much more than the others, but we had immediate success. Good luck. Now you've found something useful to do with the last bit of wine in your bottle.


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