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I have arrived. So-to-speak. has just published a press release affirming, or announcing my technology foray with them. I have been doing much of the same sort of computer tech work I did for the school: workstation repairs & upgrades, and such, but the new brain drain for me has been the learning of html. (More about that in another entry...) I also sell our web hosting. you know, blogs, websites & such. This multi-tiered arrangement is keeping me quite busy at times, and also gives me room for family or kitchen time, at other points when I need it.

Really, for me, this last stretch of 20 months has tossed many hurdles in my way (death of my mother/best friend, death of my favourite Aunt, death of my mother-in-law, and, most recently, inconcievable murder of a co-worker from the school where I worked for 5 years, Carolyn Lynch. This one's for you, Kristy. ugh. Here are three links to local news reports. I'm still in shock about this. NIMBY).

I am all about finding a balance these days, (maybe to keep from just falling right over!!!) and the chocolate feeds one need while the computers feed another. I think I could like this! So I am able to "work for chocolate" at The Chocolate Moose occasionally just for fun while thinking very hard about the computer stuff. I am looking forward to getting that Moose website all shined up and sparkling very soon. All in all, this seems like some sort of workable balance, and it's stacking up as a great summer, especially since the real summer weather has arrived alongside me!




Kristy said:

Oh wow--I am so sorry about your friend Carolyn. And your other losses too, of course. What a nightmare! I hope the job opens some doors of healing for you. Hang in there!

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