a natural bridge

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We made a trip to follow the footsteps of hubby's boyhood treks to Natural Bridge, Virginia last week. You've likely never seen anything like it. Here's a couple photos:

the bridge

natural bridge.jpg

natural bridge rt11.jpg Another shot of it (you drive over the top of it on route 11 to get there, you can spy a bit of the guardrail on the top left.

1600 year old  tree crop.jpg An amazing 1600 year old arbor vitae tree.

heroncrop.jpg This heron was 6 feet below us in the stream. Look at the span of it's outstretched foot. It was very intent on catching a fish.

wild morning glory.jpg

I spotted this stunningly simple white flower on the forest floor, it looks like a wild morning glory to me, with just the tiniest bit of trailing vine to hint at where it came from.

3 swallowtails.jpg

The girls (we brought along a spare to entertain the tween) found a trio of swallowtails sipping from a puddle under the bridge. Once disturbed, they fluttered about us like something in a dream.


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