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A short drive to Hudson this evening brought us to the doorstep of yet another new eatery, Ca' Mea. We had heard good things. Too bad, it was mediocre at best. Nice environment, if a bit cold, and servers a'plenty, but unimaginative dishes to read about. Well, I thought, pure Italian food need not be fancy, so I expected to be impressed by what I tasted. Not so. As dissapointing was the wine-by-the-glass offerings, whch were not listed on the menu and about which the server had very little information besides varietal. They were average; and we tried four of the 6 available: 2 white, 2 red. The highlight of the evening was the loud crash from across the room. All eyes zoom in on John Faso, the GOP gubernatorial candidate in this year's election, as he timidly brushes glass from his place-setting and covertly checks his necktie for wine stains. The atrocious thing was that it took any server (remember I said there were plenty? and the room is not large...) about 5 minutes to get to the table to rectify the situation. Most diners (and obviously the House) had no idea who he and his wife were. Hubby says Ca' Mea will be shut down in a month. I say sooner based on the food. The only downside to that is that they have a neat website for naught...


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