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I just got some new software. It's almost as exciting as getting a perfect-fitting pair of jeans! I suppose that means I am firmly planted on the road to geekdom, but they say that's not a negative phrase anymore.

I am going to be working on a large website for a really good cause. Sean's Run. I hope it will also encourage me to get back into running. Like my fellow blogger Kristy, at, I know it's not easy to do. And I really shold be doing it, as my waistline keeps reminding me...

Back to 3D. You can make text appear three-dimensional without having to know javascript or code. It's from Xara and they have the 3d generator on their downloads page. I do wish they'd give me the code so I could show you, but you can go there yourself by clicking here. Have fun! The program I got from Xara was MenuMaker. It is inexpensive and fast. It's what was used on the Sean's Run site. I'll be learning how to use it, too. Hmmm, cheap and easy...there's a bad joke about that, yes? Let's not go there.


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