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mt 333

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Speeel chekin is goot. One of the new features in MT version 3.33. I like it.

Spooky Gathering

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Went to a Halloween party, was the only one there dressed in something not creepy or obscene. What's a mother to do? I know, I'll post some photos.


What's she got to smile about? Maybe it's in the cup...


Find the woman in this group. Hint: don't look for the usual clues...


Shoulda' said "cheese" to the chief, now I'm gonna get a parking ticket!


The place was definately haunted; between the ghoulish decor, 20 foot high ceilings, unexplainable cold drafts, and let's not forget all the abortions performed in the basement 50 years ago...


Cops or no cops, I was happy to get outa' there alive, or still able to drive safely... Safe back in my pink living room, I look like I belong at a princess party, oh wait, that's why I bought the Glinda dress!