Gingerbread Moose

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One of the things I like to do with my time is cook. Another is eat chocolate. Yet a third would be talking to people. This comes together nicely when I go to The Chocolate Moose in town to "work". It's really quite odd, calling it work. I don't get paid, not in the monetary sense, but I can eat whatever I please, and I do bring home the "factory seconds" for my family to enjoy.

Suzanne, the owner and chief inspiration for all things good and sweet that are found in the long antique confection cases, is entering a gingerbread contest. The edible artwork will be on display during December in the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC. (I remember meeting the man as a child.) I am pleased (and very excited) to announce that I will be assisting in the creation of the Moose's entry. I may even drive down next month to deliver it! We could be famous!!!

Back to reality. I have decided that I will chronicle the creation of the creation. See it all here, real soon.



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