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Moose Lodge Photos

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Now that the exhibition is over in NYC, I finally have the time to post some of the photos I took. Making the Gingerbread house was lots of fun, but it preceded an incredibly busy time at The Chocolate Moose. I had no idea so many people spent so much money on candy for Christmas. There literally weren't enough hours in the day to keep up with the demand. Pity that.

So here are some more photos:

mooselodge%20006.jpg -->this is the base of the entire project, partially covered in royal icing, plus the pond.

mooselodge%20013.jpg -->the walls are up, the roof looks like it won't cave in...

mooselodge%20021.jpg -->Detail of the roof: I later painted it with food-grade shellac and sprinkled sparkling sugar crystals on it. We were told that got allot of attention at the exhibition.

Chelsea Market

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Whew! Just got back from the day trip to Manhattan. We safely delivered the Gingerbread creation to Chlesea market for the fund raising event. Read about it here. After checking out a few of the other entries we went walking about the neighborhood and had time for a delicious Indian lunch plus a bit of obligatory shopping. Very smooth sailing, although my feet do hurt and I am assuredly overstimulated! I have always liked the sights and sounds of the City. I will be going through the photos tomrrow and posting asap. Here's a teaser that I took last night as we finished decorating the Lodge...mooselodge%2030small.jpg

Gingerbread, et al

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Tomorrow the official gingerbread that will construct the frames of the Moose Lodge for the Chocolate Moose's entry in the NYC gingerbread contest will be baked. Then Suzanne and I are off on a frenzied schedule to put the creation together. It is being delivered to Chelsea Market this Thursday. Yikes!!! (We hope to take some time out to have lunch and visit the FoodTV studios and more that are housed there.

In preparation for the satisfying and (satisfyingly) tedious work involved, I have started making the frame for a graham cracker candy house at my home this evening. The tween and I have traditionally made one every year, and this will certainly get my juices flowing for the much more detailed work I will be doing for Suzanne's masterpiece. We use a cardboard frame at my house, whereas Suzannes' will be wood, and I don't prefer to bother with gingerbread, so graham crackers cut to fit are my perfect solution. This year the Tween is full of ideas, so I hope to be the better mother who lets her run with those. "Good luck with that", I tell myself!!!

Stay tuned for photos...