Chelsea Market

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Whew! Just got back from the day trip to Manhattan. We safely delivered the Gingerbread creation to Chlesea market for the fund raising event. Read about it here. After checking out a few of the other entries we went walking about the neighborhood and had time for a delicious Indian lunch plus a bit of obligatory shopping. Very smooth sailing, although my feet do hurt and I am assuredly overstimulated! I have always liked the sights and sounds of the City. I will be going through the photos tomrrow and posting asap. Here's a teaser that I took last night as we finished decorating the Lodge...mooselodge%2030small.jpg




kristy said:

Lovely gingerbread house. We bought a pre-assembled one, a kit actually, this year, but the kids have now custom decorated it. Good holiday fun, eh?

Have the merriest!

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