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Now that the exhibition is over in NYC, I finally have the time to post some of the photos I took. Making the Gingerbread house was lots of fun, but it preceded an incredibly busy time at The Chocolate Moose. I had no idea so many people spent so much money on candy for Christmas. There literally weren't enough hours in the day to keep up with the demand. Pity that.

So here are some more photos:

mooselodge%20006.jpg -->this is the base of the entire project, partially covered in royal icing, plus the pond.

mooselodge%20013.jpg -->the walls are up, the roof looks like it won't cave in...

mooselodge%20021.jpg -->Detail of the roof: I later painted it with food-grade shellac and sprinkled sparkling sugar crystals on it. We were told that got allot of attention at the exhibition.

mooselodge%20018.jpg -->I loved making these trees. I frosted ice cream cones, after Suz showed me the piping technique. The sugar pine cones are purchase. We used them to garnish our November "cream of the month" which was pumpkin pie flavor.

mooselodge%20027.jpg-->this moose is made from chocolate clay. He is sitting in a canoe and will be fishing for Swedish fish when he's finished. Notice the candy stones making the chimney and the ice-blue rock candy on the edges of the frozen pond.

mooselodge%20033.jpg-->with a fondant blanket on his lap, the 2nd moose is cooking the pretzel-skewered Swedish fish over a campfire. He has his gummy colas by his side.

mooselodge%20035.jpg -->typical example of Suzanne-humor.

38.JPG-->we've loaded up our precious cargo and are setting off from outside the store. It's 8:30am Dec.7th, 2006

51.JPG-->Our entry, temporarily housed on a table in the public meeting space at Chelsea Market. They later decorated the room to suit all of the different animal-themed houses on exhibit, including ours.

56.JPG-->here is a detail shot of another entry. Adorable! The baby penguins in the background were fuzzy. (how did they achieve THAT effect?)

60.JPG--these polar bears reminded me of the fat cola company creations. They were fun. Especially the one bottoms-up in the water...looks like the sledding family will run him over/under

73.JPG-->this shot shows the interior hallway at the market. It was about 5:30 so things were slowing down. It was hard to leave our creation behind.

We have not had a final tally of how much money our entry raised for Rational Animal. There were quite a few emails asking us to tell how we made some of the parts of our lodge, or what we used to get a certain effect. It had to be 50% gingerbread, which it was. The organizers' website was posting some photos of the exhibition, so wander over there to read more about it.



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