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This will be the first entry of a primer on blogging with MT. I created it especially for my friend Jackie. We were talking about her first blog the other day and she had so many questions I became tongue-tied. (Yes, I know, that's a small miracle.) So in doing my homework for her, I thought it might be useful to present it in this format. I hope you find it useful as well. I got most of these terms from the Six Apart Documentation and a few from Wikipedia.

The primary elements of a weblog entry are the title and entry body (content). Content may include plain text, some kind of markup like HTML, audio, video or images. Additionally, Movable Type entries can include more advanced content elements such as categories, tags, comments, TrackBacks, keywords, extended entry body, excerpts and more. In general, weblog content tends to be organized by date (monthly, weekly and/or daily, depending on the frequency of updates on your weblog), by category, or by individual posts (a permanent page dedicated to the entry often containing comments and TrackBacks) of some combination of the three.

General components you should see (Jackie) when creating an entry: (this is customizable to an extent)
Title: The title of your post gives your entry context and appears above the entry body of the post on your weblog. Additionally this title appears in your indexes, in your feeds, in the sidebar when you list groups of posts by date or category, and it usually affects the filename where the content of your title is stored.
Category: Some weblogs use categories to organize their entry content. A post can have multiple categories but only one Primary category.
Entry Body: The Entry Body field is where you enter the primary content of your weblog entry. There are no minimum or maximum length limits.
Extended Entry: This element is the field usually reserved for use with longer entries, essentially serving as the second half of your Entry Body.
Tags: Tags, like keywords, are words or short phrases which describe the content of a post. They are far more full-featured than keywords, however, as you will see near the end of this chapter.
Status: An entry can have a status of "Unpublished," "Published" or "Scheduled". Entries with a status set to "Unpublished" are stored in your database, but are not published to your weblog. Entries marked "Published" are displayed in your weblog. "Scheduled" status means a post is completed, but should not be published until the time and date indicated in the Authored On field. The default entry status is Unpublished.



Hey Carol!
Thanks so much for all your hard work! I am trying to soak up all this info...

Carol said:

Jackie, think of it like a mixed box of fine can't possibly enjoy them if you try to stuff them all into your mouth at once. One bite at a time, however, gives you a pretty good chance of appreciating every nuance.

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