New Years Waterfall

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We found ourselves in Kent Ct. on New Years' Eve and went to the falls. Here are some photos.


Notice the tiny people in blue to the bottom right.


This is locally named "Salmon Park" but it's on the state maps as Kent Falls State Park. It's right on route 7 and is about 60 minutes from Chatham, yet feels like alot farther.


The locals tell us the park was closed last summer to rebuild the steps and viewing areas along the trail up to the top. It's hard to believe how high you are climbing the clever way they did it.


Looking up at the very top, from the final viewing platform. Of course, they both found a way to climb up THERE...


Look, there's the bigger rock climber showing off. And she was right on his heels.


For the first time this winter I found some ice. I like ice.


Something about this tree's knotty branches caught my attention. I'll have to go back and see it in the spring when it's leaf-buds appear.


This is some ice that Miss B. stole off the top of the stream that runs through the park long after the bottom of the falls. No matter what the weather, she is drawn to water. She is holding the edge of the thin ice slab in her teeth and I am shooting into the sun from below. I thought it made a cool effect. What do you think?



Jennifer said:

very cool

Kristy said:

Wow! Things look great here! You've been making changes too. And love the photos, by the way.

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