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Valentine Chocolate

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It's THAT time of year. I have been over at The Chocolate Moose making valentine sweets for what seems like days now. The perks of the job far outweigh the fact that I now outweigh the shadow of my former self. That's not really funny. But I do get to taste whatever I please, or pleases me. And I have managed to maintain my dress size, for what it's worth, in the year I've been hanging around all that chocolate.

120Pyramids.JPG Here's a photo I took of about 120 Aztec Pyramids on a huge baking sheet. It's a signature treat we make that consists of our dark chocolate blended with cayenne pepper and cinnamon, then poured by hand into pyramid molds. We wrap them individually in foil. They were my first love.Pyramids2.JPGThis is how they look in the shop. We can't keep them in stock.

We just created a new flavor truffle: raspberry. We made them in heart-shaped molds and I wrapped them in pink foil yesterday. They look really nice tumbled into a champagne glass. (I bought a case last year for the shop). Nice marketing idea. They taste really good, too. Well, it's time to make the chocolate...gotta go open the shop.