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Today is the 6th annual Sean's Run in Chatham. I have been donating my time maintaining the website for the past year. It's been interesting, to say the least, and the learning curve always keeps me smiling. It was created in FrontPage. Another "intuitive" monster of a (dead) program from Microsoft. I find minimal success just pushing things around in my usual style, while the NYC phonebook-sized manual keeps my coffee cup off the computer desk.

The good news is that it's not raining, something that has not kept the hundreds of runners away in the past, but it is overcast. There were close to 600 registered entrants as of late yesterday. I'll be cheering them on from my front porch while some crazy DJ plugs into that same porch to blast inspirational music over the neighborhood. We are on the race route. What sort of music would you like to run to today? Come to Chatham Village at noon, I think he's taking requests.


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