back on my feet, well, sorta'

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After a dozen new X-rays, and 10 days totally off my "broken" foot, I have been told to get back in the game. Welcome words, in my honest opinion. I've never been one to sit about, and it was getting darned depressing. I think the naps had little to do with healing after the first week... The last three days showed (and I felt) seriously large gains in the repair of ligaments and general bruising. I had big doses of pain followed by big gains in appearance and spans of time pain-free. Now I'm to use the foot, work out the tightened Achilles tendon, and ditch the dreaded crutchs as soon as I can. yay. The best part is being able to have a free hand to carry things around, be useful, productive. I used only one crutch all day, was able to drive, but walked very slowly at the hospital. I took one nap before dinner (had been up and about on both feet since 7am, a first in 9 days). Have no pain now that I am off both feet, stretched out in bed and resting. Gonna watch a free Netflix movie to keep me down and occupied, then I'll rest body and soul. Another injury story for the history book. Tween's Mother'sDay card was addressed "TO MY BROKEN MOTHER". I have no retort. The same morning, hubby asked "Are you going to be &itchy agan today?" The retort I had for that would not be fit to print!


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