I think it's broken.

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I am laid up with an injury. The computer is my best friend, after satellite TV, as soon as I can arrange a comfortable resting place for the the swollen body part that used to resemble my left foot. I fell on it Saturday evening and chipped a bone. The bone problem is going to be alright, they tell me, but the ripped up ligaments, three in all, are causing all the problems. I'm supposed to stay off it until next Monday. Yeah, right. Sure Doc. This guy doesn't know me at all.

Right now, since I still don't have a way to elevate it while I'm at the computer (my desk is in a corner, and I know better than to sit twisted while typing...) my foot is resting on the floor with the weight of my leg bearing down on it. I can feel my pulse in my ankle, and it's not a warm and fuzzy feeling. But I don't EVER take these things sitting down, pun intended. I break all the rules, move when I should be still, run when I should walk, and have come out just fine none-the-less.

Granted, the swelling has reduced by about half in the 48 hours since it happened, the rainbow of skin colors all over my foot are pretty, and I'm hoping to wash my hair, somehow, today. But yesterday I did manage to get the PA at the osteopath office to agree to abandon the cast (YUK), and recheck it in 7 days, rather than 14. I except to be walking on it by then, even though that's when he'll tell me "you can start putting some weight on it now, but let pain be your guide." It already feels good to wiggle my toes, flex and point a bit. Feels really good. Obviously, no lateral movement is wise whatsoever. That part I understand, and yes, the pain heightens my understanding. However crutches really suck. I feel so unstable on them. And I can't do much. I'm better crawling on hands and knees, or even walking on my knees. Then I feel like I'm using my left thigh, hips, etc., and my very overworked right thigh gets a break.

This is not the first time I've done this. Exactly this. It was 15 years ago. 8 weeks before my wedding. I'll tell that story next entry.


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