Reunited with Mama

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The lucky duckling story has taken a surprising turn. At the Farmers' Market yesterday, we went to see the gal who took Hargy home to care for him. She told us that she had trouble keeping him contained. No matter how or where she tried to confine him, he kept on running away. So during the next few hours she gave it some instinctive thought and finally took him to the pond nearest the location where I picked him up. It's called Bordens Pond, and it's our local nature preserve, about 1/2 mile up the road from that fateful intersection. (There's a stone in the wall there with our family name chiseled into it as a symbol of our support of the project when it was developed a few years back.) A she approached the pond with the duckling in hand he became very excited and vocal, and his cries were answered by a Mama duck i the pond with 5 other chicks just like Hargy. So she set him down and the family was quickly reunited. Now everything is in it's rightful place in Chatham's little duck world.


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