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There's more talent in my family than I can shake a stick at! My nephew Bill, who has been working for Variety out on the west coast for the past few years, has launched a new website for himself. It's clean, simple, and visually stimulating. Which is exactly what I thought about his art as it was proudly paraded before my eyes each Brithday, Easter, Confirmation, Graduation, etc., over the past 15 years. He's my husband's Godson and the apple of his mother's eye. One of the most interesting things about Bill, to me, are his tattoos - he has a full sleeve on one arm and each and every image is his exclusive design.

As much as I'd like to show off his talent by posting his URL, Bill says I can't because most of the work is copyrighted and the site is for ad design & record label companies "in the biz". I can't argue with him, it's his line of work not mine. Corporate America sure has it's quirks.


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