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back to the beach

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We are ready to go jump in the Atlantic ocean. Tomorrow. I can't wait. I have been very concerned about how my tender, swollen & discolored, yet healing foot will handle it, but I'm prepared to throw caution into the sands and go for it by 4 pm Sunday. We just have to get from here to there. Here is Raleigh, NC. There is Topsail Island.

I love this place. This solitary, peaceful place we call home for a while, and have done so for about 9 years is still unspoiled. The most amazing thing, besides the fact it's a bird sanctuary and protected sea-turtle breeding ground, is the peacefulness and lack of people. I don't mind people, in fact I rather enjoy them on a regular basis. But once a year I've found it's especially nice to just be with myself. And the sun, the sand, the tides, the shorebirds, and the seashells. I walk around that point a few times a day, and when the tide is in, it takes an hour. When it's out it takes far more, because not only is there much more beach to cover, but there's many more treasures UNCOVERED on the shore, and each wave pulls the blanket back a little farther. Glorious! Here's my favorite guy enjoying a special stogie on the back deck looking out over the dunes.HPIM0611.jpg

Heavenly Music?

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In the balance of time...

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Some of the flash sites out on the web are downright fascinating. This one is informative as well. Deeply so. Take some time to wrap your brain around worldclock. I guess bicycle production is the only positive number being crunched...that's a little sad.

Albany's Knickerbocker News home delivery

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I'm not one to brag about my wild and impetuous youth, but this site caught my attention. whereihadmyfirstkiss utilizes GoogleEarth, which I find totally awesome, so I had to check it out. Try it for yourself, if you are romantically inclined to do so...