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MT upgrade, first entry, can see it by the dashboard lights...
Let's try a photo:Babu goes to the jam session.JPG
It is sad that Babu's lovely baby blues don't appear. Guess I need a better camera? He did hop into the guitar case the moment it was placed open on the hickory floor of the kitchen. He likes to get inside suitcases- the smaller the better. He also prefers dark fabric. Perfect to collect his fur and aggravate the humans.

Well, this is fun, no need for playing with html at all, if you don't want to!

A Fine Chef in her Own Right

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Boy was I tongue-tied this afternoon when TV celebrity chef Sara Moulton from Gourmet Magazine stepped up to the candy counter at The Chocolate Moose. I usually can't bear to admit I recognize television personalities to their faces. I get very embarrassed and can't think of a single original thing to say. But Sara appeared so laid back and normal, I had no trouble admitting I was a fan and was a bit nervous. She ended up having some coffee and picking out a small box of truffles and our most popular chocolate dipped dried fruit to take home. I hope she likes them and comes back for more. Sara said she's about to go to a new network and is excited for a change in venue. She also complained about the demise of what she called "educational" cooking shows. I agree with her 100 percent. There are so many zany cooking shows on tv right now, I would have to watch the screen 24 hours a day to see them all. And who can possibly try that many recipes in one lifetime? I'd rather let a pro like Sara Moulton help me perfect the skills I already have with the recipe collection I know and love.

whats for to eat?

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That's his usual query. It means he's hungry. I'm used to it; our 15th anniversary is coming in a month, and we spent another 5 years together before then. As we spend our last night at the beach on Topsail Island, dinner was not my problem this night. We ate out. Now I have to choose what to throw out from the cupboards and refrigerator tomorrow morning before we begin our 16 hour road trip home. It will be punctuated by a stay in very lovely Fredericksburg, Virginia. But we cant take any perishable prisoners. I do not like throwing out food at all. I would really like to see these vacation communities collaborate with the local churches and food banks to set up food drop off stations on the roadsides as people swarm off these densely inhabited rental property islands each weekend. But how do such good thoughts become realized? I don't know where to start. Instead, I pass on my goodies to the neighbors whom I feel would appreciate them without insult. that's the best contribution I can make at the end of a peaceful well fed vacation.
Here's a sunset beach photo I took yesterday:southview.JPG