The words have changed but the melody is the same...

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MT upgrade, first entry, can see it by the dashboard lights...
Let's try a photo:Babu goes to the jam session.JPG
It is sad that Babu's lovely baby blues don't appear. Guess I need a better camera? He did hop into the guitar case the moment it was placed open on the hickory floor of the kitchen. He likes to get inside suitcases- the smaller the better. He also prefers dark fabric. Perfect to collect his fur and aggravate the humans.

Well, this is fun, no need for playing with html at all, if you don't want to!




Kristy said:

What a sweet kitty! And musical too!

Kristy said:

By the way, I LOVE your banner! When did you put it up (obviously, I haven't been around for a while). Does this mean you're in Seattle now?

Carol said:

I'm afraid I've been absent from your blog longer than you've been away from mine, nyah-nyah! The banner is a stylesheet that comes with the MT4 platform from SixApart, which is a recently available upgrade. I'd love to say we've joined you out there, but alas, we're still living in the Hudson Valley. I'm waiting for the "community" to publish their fancy homestyle stylesheet add-ins, and until then, this one is my fav.

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