whats for to eat?

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That's his usual query. It means he's hungry. I'm used to it; our 15th anniversary is coming in a month, and we spent another 5 years together before then. As we spend our last night at the beach on Topsail Island, dinner was not my problem this night. We ate out. Now I have to choose what to throw out from the cupboards and refrigerator tomorrow morning before we begin our 16 hour road trip home. It will be punctuated by a stay in very lovely Fredericksburg, Virginia. But we cant take any perishable prisoners. I do not like throwing out food at all. I would really like to see these vacation communities collaborate with the local churches and food banks to set up food drop off stations on the roadsides as people swarm off these densely inhabited rental property islands each weekend. But how do such good thoughts become realized? I don't know where to start. Instead, I pass on my goodies to the neighbors whom I feel would appreciate them without insult. that's the best contribution I can make at the end of a peaceful well fed vacation.
Here's a sunset beach photo I took yesterday:southview.JPG


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