Am I getting Old, or What?

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I'm quite sure that 20 years ago my ankle injury would have healed in 6 to 8 weeks. This time it's going to need 6 to 8 months. Or better. I have to say it is discouraging. I have done everything the experts recommend, and worn "sensible shoes" till I'm sick of them. And yes, it is still getting better, but I have to measure the improvements by weeks, not days. For now I am finished with Physical Therapy. Although I am positive I would benefit from more, our insurance ran out. Coverage is per year, not per injury. Plus the co-pay almost tripled a few months ago when Mr.'s contract was renegotiated and passed. It's all about money right now. And being able to forget about my left foot while I go about my daily business. Still, no high heels in my future. Boo-hoo.


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