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San Francisco Here We come!

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I'll be riding a rented bicycle on the Golden Gate Bridge soon, and I hope I make it all the way over without injury. I have not been on a bike in two years. Last summer was spent in physical therapy for a broken ankle. While it feels much better 10 months later, any change in weather is broadcast not by the weatherman on TV, but by the sudden ache around my left foot. Sensible shoes abound! (yuk)

Other health issues have poked their nasty heads out of the sand lately, as well. Esophageal testing has me on medication for the first time. More tests lie in wait, but they are on hold while the West Coast beckons. BP is shaky, cholesterols and blood sugars excellent. I guess this "almost 50" thing does not get easier. One or two other tests will be redone (after the trip). Welcome to middle-age.

On a positive note, San Francisco looks like a fine place to visit. I've convinced the family to join me on Alcatraz, too. Wine country is waiting. Trail riding some horses to the hilltops for fine coastal views sounds really good. Any pain I feel in my foot will most certainly be remedied by the hot-tub on the deck (overlooking the beach, of course) with a glass of Willamette valley wine in hand. I'll send you some pictures.