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On The Road, again

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I know that's cliche', but we're heading south, this time to Lexington Virginia. There is a fourth of July celebration there involving hot air balloons, BBQ chicken, and a kids bicycle parade. Sounds like good old-fashioned fun to me, and it's mostly free! I have emptied all the camera cards and charged the batteries, so I'll be taking lots of photos. Plan on catching, grilling and eating a few trout (Bob will do the cleaning) and enjoying some nice Virginia wine, too. The three of us will be staying here. That's the house on a pond in the mountains. PondHouse.jpg That's where the fish are, too, I hope. Most of the fun takes place on the grounds of VMI and WLU. Maybe the tween will attend in a few years....keep dreaming!

If a Tree Falls...

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...and you're taking a nap, do you hear it? The answer is a resounding "yes". Especially when it lands about 200 feet from where you lay. Five pm yesterday, high winds brought some sideways rain, hail and many trees down in my neighborhood. I had been napping soundly and sat bolt upright for an unknown reason. The storm had begun. As I dashed around the house closing windows, I noticed something wrong with the view to the north. Brigit and I collected hailstones off the back porch in our palms just as the storm passed on. A short stroll around the yard to survey the damage solved the mystery. treedownSM.jpg This one used to grow along the sidewalk and the next door neighbors' property line. At the trees' base, there was only one thigh-sized living root, the rest was rotten, like damp sawdust. The entire trunk was covered in green lichen, going at least 30 feet up. The fallen diseased maple completely filled the yard of an apartment building, but missed an abandoned house; it's unfortunate the winds were not blowing a bit more southerly. We've been trying to get the Village to condemn the place for a few years. abandoned.jpg Yes, there really is a once-lovely Sears style home behind those overgrown weeds.