She's happy, but the fish are not...

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The Tween learned how to fish on the fourth of July. In fact, it seems as though we've created a monster. We could not get her to put the pole down. She had worm guts and fish blood and hook scrapes and line burns all over her hands. "So what?" she said. I estimate she caught, and released safely, 30 to 40 sunnies, bluegills and strawberry bass over the course of three days. She was baiting the hooks with canned corn, cooked peas, worms and anything else she could dig up. Fearlessly she wrapped her bare hands around the wrigglers on the end of the lines and, without getting poked by their fins, carefully removed the hooks. In fact, one fish had an old hook under it's eye, so after she removed the small hook she had caught it with, she took pains to get that hook out as well. I can safely state that no fish were harmed in the making of this new fisherman. When she spotted a really big lunker, she got very excited. But the look on her face made a drastic change when the shiny two foot carp ate the strawberry bass, the hook, the line, the sinker and all in one gulp.

That was one that got away. She tried for two more days to catch it, and finally gave up when she spotted a blue-tailed salamander on the stones, which she proceeded to try to grab. Then her attention was taken by a garter snake which had draped it's body around a red-winged blackbird nest in the cattails. The parents were making a terrible ruckus, and the fledgling had hopped up the stem of the protective reeds to relative safety. There was no lack of nature to hold our attention this week. She named the regular visiting rabbit Steve, and no matter how many white tailed deer wandered around the house, it was definitely Frankie every time. We're heading back to the house in November. The flora and fauna will be waiting, I'm sure.


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