CSA? What's that?

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As I visited with local farmers, flour millers (Wade's Mill) and vintners (Rockbridge) outside Lexington, Virginia last July, I was surprised that they did not know what a CSA was. You can read about the concept of Community Supported Agriculture here. I have been a member of a csa, The Farm at Miller's Crossing, for 10 years. My recipes are passed out to all of the shareholders, or members, during the 5 month growing season which exists here in the Hudson Valley. That is to help the members use all of the goodies in the weekly share. For example, arugula has a very long growing season, so it appears repeatedly in our harvest. After the first one or two pounds of it, some folks get tired of preparing it the same way, perhaps the only way they know. This is where I come in. I provide four or five recipes with each harvest that are closely matched to the produce in the weekly share. All year long I collect and develop recipes towards this end. I have about 25 that use arugula. Kohlrabi anyone?
I have a dozen ideas on how to get that unusual root on your dinner table. And now they are on the web, as well. Go see here.

We are planning to celebrate the great feast of Thanksgiving in Lexington this year. Yes, I am running away from home for yet another Holiday. I think that's just fine. I am bring some people, my favorite kitchen knives, local organic produce and root veggies from the Farm, and of course, a slew of recipes. That's what a CSA is.



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